Cornucopia is a Next-Gen Consulting organization, providing “people-centric business solutions” in the areas of Human Resources Management, Organizational Development, Organizational Climatic and Cultural integration as well as Vision, Mission and Value Clarification.

Cornucopia – A motif dating back to ancient Greece – it symbolizes abundance and prosperity. It is a magnificent horn overflowing with fruit, flowers and grain and it is emblematic of the horn possessed by the nymph Amaltheae, which could be filled with whatever its owner desired.

Thus it signifies our service ‘Offerings in plenty’ in the realm of Management especially Human Resource Management.

We provide a wide array of services across the entire HR & OD value chain. Our solutions are tailor made to suit the client environment. We believe every organization is unique by its very nature, leadership, culture, values and beliefs. Therefore, Cornucopia prefers to study its client business environment before offering solutions – we prefer neither to replicate solutions across client organizations nor to offer “one size that fits all”.

We believe in the power of the individual and human capital and Cornucopia’s interventions drive positive organizational change through the most important resource organizations have at their disposal: people.

At Cornucopia, you will find a consulting ‘partner’ who provides you with all that you want for your ‘people’ function.

Cornucopia is a member of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), National HRD Network (NHRD), National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC) and Bangalore Management Association (BMA).