About Us

In 2004, Cornucopia came into existence with a vision to partner with organizations, to strengthen their talent management & development practices.

From its humble beginning, today, Cornucopia is a one-stop HR consulting firm, providing “people-centric business solutions” in all areas of Human Resources Management.

Our portfolio of services includes Organizational Development, Talent Development, Leadership Interventions, Executive Search, HR Process Automation, Staffing, Cultural Integration as well as Vision, Mission and Value Clarification.

Cornucopia, a motif dating back to ancient Greece, symbolizes abundance and prosperity. It is a magnificent horn overflowing with fruit, flowers and grain and it is symbolic of the horn possessed by the nymph Amaltheae, which could be filled with whatever its owner desired. Thus, it signifies our service ‘Offerings in plenty’ in the realm of Management especially Human Resource Management.

Why Cornucopia?

  • We provide a wide array of services across the entire HR & OD value chain and our solutions are tailor made to suit the client environment.
  • Cornucopia provides cost effective, simple, professional and practical HR solutions.
  • Cornucopia’s resources are professionally qualified with experience in reputed MNCs, both in the old and new economy sectors.
  • Cornucopia’s hands-on approach helps to develop customised solutions for every client
  • We have years of experience in specific sectors, for which we provide a range of recruitment, assessment, retainer and advisory services.
  • Cornucopia takes ownership for the implementation of the recommended solutions.
  • Cornucopia is advised and supported by a global advisory board; whose members are of very high standing in their respective countries.
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Cornucopia provides consulting, HR operational services like setting up HR processes/ practices, setting up performance management programme, organisational development, placement, talent management, coaching, training and leadership development tools like 360 Degree Feedback, MLQ etc.
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